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Nano coating for car valeting and car detailer


We have for everything what you need the right nano system

The Nanoident® Carline System is a professional car care system from CTC Nanotechnology GmbH with the automobile preparer and detailer can respond to every customer request. Whether cheap and good or expensive and very good, it covers all needs of their car customers! Even nano-products for new car preparation and detailer at low prices are possible! The application is very easy and very fast to perform. The nano products are real nano products with high and very high paintwork gloss for the car paint! The special thing about our system is that through our product lines, it is now possible for each car the right or desired function of the nano product to offer that work perfectly on the car paint!
  • We offer different guarantees.Depending on the product up to 5 years – guaranteed.
  • The lotus effect with high gloss which that lasts forever.The deep gloss is retained even after many washes.

Each automobile preparer and car detailer wants to satisfy his customers and sell his customers the best possible product with the best service. Still the car preparer at favourable conditions must buy its products but is also the best feature and the easiest application as well as the lowest possible consumption, as well as the simplest fast and quick application. The car customer in turn would like to receive the best service at the best price. Where the customer is now expecting the longest possible surface feature and a nice perfect shiny car that will not lose its luster for a long period of time. After more than 10 years of research and development succeeded CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has been able to develop a complete system of products for all aspects of car preparation and car detailer.

CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has unique characteristic selling points:

For the refinement of the paint of the vehicle the customer can choose whether he wants a car protection for 10,000 km to 30.000 km for 60,000 km or 100 000 km or 6 month warranty 1 year warranty or 2 year warranty or 3-year warranty. Our unique technology is performed by trained and qualified personnel and provides a perfect protection against dirt and weather conditions. Furthermore, the customer receives the maximum feasible deep gloss on his vehicle. Especially in the winter time a car is extremely affected by salt and frost. The windshield and side windows can be treated with Nanoident® Carline products. The rain runs off heavily on the glass surface and increases the water repellency of the rain, this increases driving safety significantly. The wipers can be even switched off at a speed of> 50 km / h. The water pearls to the rear through the driving speed. "Thus, you always have a clear and free view of the road..

The coated surface with nano-technology is highly stain - dirt resistant and scratch-resistant up to 30%. The car paint doesn’t need to be cleaned so often. The car shines after every wash, like newly polished.