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The nano product series for your car:

2 Special Polishes

All in One polishes

  • Effective and time-saving

ECO Car Cleaner

All in One car cleaner

  • Effective and time-saving

10 nano products

With long-term function

  • Different qualities
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Only a professional nano coating can be so stable


The car preparer or car detailer requirements increase. The car customers want the highest gloss with the longest shelf life with the longest durability at a reasonable price. Continues to increase the competition among the car prepares and car detailers. Old proven car preparing methods are no longer sufficient. This makes it more difficult for car preparer or car detailer to bind enough customers. Therefore, car preparer or car detailer must be more flexible and better than their competitors. By the Nanoident® Carline system allows the car preparer or car detailer to obtain many satisfied and paid car customers. Because only a satisfied customer of the car is a constant customer. The car owner has a free choice how long the coating or sealant on the car paint should work. The price war between competitors is eliminated.


Only one real high-tech nano coating has these particular surface functions and stability.

Only a real high tech nano coating has this special surface features or functions and stability. Our car protection and paint protection products are successfully in use for over 10 years. The nature is our model over millennia of evolution showed us the way. The development of our products is copied from nature, but our nano coating and nano sealant products are much more efficient and stable. Through the long-lasting lotus effect, your car paint is protected from insect attachment, bird droppings, tar, resin and other dirt! With our new car coating Nanoident® Scrach Pro, it’s even now possible to protect your car against car wash scratches.