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The company CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has developed new car coating surface refining systems with nano high technology which completely changed the surface protection of automotive market! Because these very long period the nano products work and have one of the highest function times on the world market. The nano products of CTC are unique, no other product supplier on the nano market can offer such nano products as CTC Nanotechnology GmbH can offer currently worldwide you such high quality nano-products. Nanotechnology is the future technology in the entire car range. There are also specific nano products for campers, caravans, trucks, airplanes, trains, etc.

CTC nanotechnology GmbH's credo is "simple and effective eco-friendly application". Nanotechnology opens up the automobile world because new functions with different modes of action by smallest nano particles. A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter. The diameter of a human hair is fifty thousand times greater than a nano particle. The applications of this nanotechnology are diverse. Future advances in nanotechnology are therefore decided by the further development of promising industries such as the automotive industry. These nanotechnology applications are diverse. The future progress of nanotechnology therefore decide on the further development of promising future industries such as the automotive industry.


Only nanotechnology can perfectly protect automobile surfaces against dirt and polluting.
- Copied from nature, but much more efficient! -

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